Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"Pink Rose of Sharon" (oil on linen; 5" x 4") sold


I painted flowers that looked just like the rose of sharon back in July and boldly titled the painting as such.  Guess what?  I was wrong.  A Faccbook friend corrected me; another friend confirmed my error.  Isn't that great?  By the way, the rose of sharon is the Korean national flower.  I don't know why my countrymen picked the flower, but there it is.

"Pink Hollyhocks" (watercolor on Yupo, 10" x 8"; 150)
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On a personal note, I have been absent from my studio for the past three days on account of my daughter's marching band activities.  As my husband and I volunteer as the pit crew and in other capacities, we were busy helping the band for most of the weekend.  I am glad that the marching season is almost over, so that I can get back to my daily painting routine!


  1. My grandson is in marching band and was recently in St Louis, Mo for the National competition. The parents are real work horses for the band. Kudos to you for being a supporter and volunteer. I always thought that Hollyhocks and the Rose of Sharon and Hibiscus were quite similar looking, just the plants are very different. Beautiful painting.

  2. Thanks, Joyfulartist! Your grandson's band must be awesome to make the national competition. Marching bands are a lot of work, but also a great deal of fun!