Friday, October 18, 2013

"Mischief" (oil on linen; 7" x 7") sold


"Mischief" is for Steve, my graduate school buddy and fellow historian, except that I no longer teach and he is still an overworked history professor!  Mischief, or Missy for short, was an English Springer Spaniel.  She was the runt of the litter, and the breeders didn't think she was up for the job as a gun dog.  Steve and his siblings got his father the puppy for Christmas the year their mother passed away.  My friend was as attached to Mischief as his dad was and considered her his dog too.  She died this summer and the painting is going to be the Christmas present for Steve Sr.

Mischief was a sweet, kind-hearted dog and behaved like a much younger dog all her long life. We had a lot of photos to choose from; Steve picked one particular photo, because he wanted to remember her outside and playing her favorite game of Frisbee.  I hope she approves from the dog heaven.

If you send your pet's pictures to, I will make beautiful pet portraits out of them.  How fun is that!  Besides, my pet portraits make perfect birthday and Christmas presents.  Thanks!

My readers, in case you didn't notice, I have created a new page on my blog, called "Pet Portrait Orders".  You will find all the information you want to know about ordering a pet portrait.  Please check it out.


  1. This is wonderful, Kim! It looks more like her than my photo does! And I must say, you've really grown as an artist as you've been doing these portraits, doing better and better work from smaller and smaller images!

  2. Great job and such a lovely Christmas present. You painted the grass very well....all that green is so difficult!

  3. Thanks and hahaha, Ruby! Tell me about it. Soon I will be asked to paint pet portraits from imagination. Thanks, Carol! Yes, the greens are tough, especially when they are such an important part of a composition.