Thursday, October 3, 2013

"Chihuahuas Rule" (oil on linene; 8" x 12") sold


"Chihuahuas Rule" is for my Facebook fan, Lisa.  For my first chihuahua painting, I got to paint four of them.  Thanks, Lisa!  From left to right, they are Tido (9 years old), Logan (8), Mary (8), and Tyson (8).  They all turn 9 this year.  They are not related to each other.

Tido is the oldest and Alpha male.  He is a bully, very protective and territorial.  He doesn't like people at all.  Logan is a gentle giant, shy and quiet.  Mary, the only female, is "crazy".  She is in control; she runs the house!  Tyson is the sweetest, most loving chihuahua ever.  He thinks he is Mary's husband.

Lisa told me that I didn't have to paint the dog bed in pink.  The boys were trying to aggravate Mary by stealing her bed.  My answer was: "I like the fluffy, pink bed."  Obviously, Lisa doesn't know I love pink.  Besides, the pinks reflected onto the pale skins of the dogs' underbellies, warming them up nicely.  I balanced the pink with the yellow green shape on the far right.

If you send your pet's pictures to, I will make beautiful pet portraits out of them.  How fun is that!  Besides, my pet portraits make perfect birthday and Christmas presents.  Thanks!

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