Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Henry" (oil on linen; 7" x 7") sold


"Henry" is the second painting for Lynn's family.  Henry is a one-year-old dachshund.  He is a Daddy's boy, but currently lives with Lynn's son, Kevin.

Henry obviously has a promising career ahead of him as a model.  Even from the tiny file, probably taken with a phone, I could tell what an incredible painting it would make.  The late afternoon light pours into the room.  The puppy is lying down in the sun on a wooden floor.  The far and front ends of the picture frame are in deep shadow.  Someone calls his name, so he turns his head to look.  A moment captured; a lasting beauty.

If you send your pet's pictures to, I will make beautiful pet portraits out of them.  How fun is that!  Besides, my pet portraits make perfect birthday and Christmas presents.  Thanks!

My readers, in case you didn't notice, I have created a new page on my blog, called "Pet Portrait Orders".  You will find all the information you are dying to know about ordering a pet portrait.  Please check it out.


  1. You know, every dog you paint, I love both the painting and the dog! I am so glad to "know" you Kim.

  2. Thank you, Carol! You are very sweet.