Wednesday, December 4, 2013

"Pucci" (oil on linen; 8" x 10") sold


"Pucci" is for Tammy, whom I met last April during the workshop with Dreama Tolle Perry.  She has been following me ever since and asked me to paint "Pucci" for her husband for Christmas.  I was thrilled with such a request by a fellow artist.  Thank you, Tammy.

Before I go on talking about Pucci's special qualities, I have to mention something else.  Before this "beach dog" painting was born, there was the "Christmas dog" painting that I had in mind, as one of the initial pictures Tammy sent me had a photo of Pucci sitting in front of a Christmas tree and presents.  Perfect!  As soon as I printed out a Photoshopped image and drew a grid on it for the painting project, she sent me another picture of Pucci walking on a beach.  The moment I saw it, I threw out the "Christmas dog" painting out of the window.  Look at the finished painting.  If I may say so, isn't it awesome!

Pucci was a shelter rescue at the age of two.  She was possibly a Chow mixed with Shetland Sheepdog.  She expressed her love and gratitude everyday.  She went to work with Tammy and her husband, slept by their side, and followed their every footstep.

Tammy's family live in a rural area with a big yard near a pond.  Pucci loved to lie in the shade of a maple tree, "overlooking her kingdom."  They also have a house on the East Coast, where she loved the beach.  People stopped them on their walks to tell them how beautiful she was. She especially enjoyed that!  You see, I had to paint Pucci walking on the beach.  She would be happy in the dog heaven.

Pucci passed away in May unexpectedly, and she is in Tammy and her husband's thoughts everyday.

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