Friday, December 27, 2013

"Frankie" (oil on linen; 10" x 8") sold


"Frankie" is for Amy, who commissioned the painting for her mother.  Frankie is a 23-year-old chestnut, Canadian Warmblood Sport Horse.  According to Amy's mom, "calm" is the best adjective to describe him.  Does he look calm in the portrait?  I think he does.

Frankie is a rescue horse.  Although her family think he is perfect, he is not, physically speaking.  He has only one eye (his right one); his left eye is sewn closed.  He is big (about 17 hands) and a bit thin.  Fortunately over the past 8 months, he has gained some weight.

It is easy to love someone or some thing beautiful, adorable, cute, handsome, etc.  It takes a big heart and true love of animals to adopt and take care of a disabled, malnourished horse who was probably abused.  I thank you, Amy's mom, for giving a second chance and happy retirement to Frankie.


  1. My brother and I commissioned Frankie's portrait for our Mom for Christmas. We were so excited to stumble upon such a unique and thoughtful gift. My Mom was equally thrilled- she told everyone at the barn about her gift!

    I had never commissioned a painting before so I was not sure what to expect. Kim made the process so easy- she is extremely responsive, great with suggestions and almost lightning quick!

    And most importantly, I think she has captured Frankie's spirit. I can't wait for my Mom to receive her painting- she will be tickled pink!

    Thank you Kim for helping my brother and me give such a special gift to our Mom.

    Amy :-)