Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Capitol View from the US Botanic Garden" (oil on linen; 15" x 8") sold

"Capitol View from the US Botanic Garden"

"Capitol View" (pen and watercolor sketch; 9" x 4")

Reference photo

I recently started a new collection, called "Washington Landmarks."  The decision was prompted by two client contacts from my website ( within a couple of weeks about my paintings of Bishop's Garden and Iwo Jima Memorial.  Boy, I didn't realize that I have been sitting on a gold mine!  Time to paint some Washington scenes.  "Capitol View from the US Botanic Garden" is the second new painting for this new series.  Lots more to come.  How exciting!

Everybody has seen the Capitol, either in person or on TV.  As the saying goes, familiarity breeds contempt, but I didn't want my baby to be despised.  My mission was to find a new, different angle.  So I went to the National Mall on a hot day last week.  I walked around to find an eye-catching view of the Capitol and found one from the US Botanic Garden, which is by the way the oldest botanic garden in the country (from the mid-19th century!).  To work out the unusual composition, I did a pen and watercolor sketch.  The rest may not be history, but I am pleased with the painting.

"Bishop's Garden, National Cathedral" (oil, 8" x 10")

"Iwo Jima Memorial" (oil, 11" x 14")

Anyhow, the moral of my story is this: if you are an artist without a website, please get one immediately. If you set it up, people will find you.  I am constantly amazed by the power of the Internet.  We live in a brave new world of the world wide web.  Let's all take advantage of and profit from it!

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