Wednesday, January 29, 2014

"Tidal Basin Cherry Blossoms" (oil on stretched canvas; 10" x 8") sold


What winter we are having!  Even the deep South is in deep freeze!  We are in desperate need of spring weather.  As I lack the power to magically conjure up warm sunshine, I did what I could.  I painted the National Cherry Blossom Festival at the Tidal Basin in Washington DC.

By the way, I want to show you how I "recycle" my precious reference material.  Both "Tidal Basin Cherry Blossoms" and "Cherry Blossom Festival at Sunset" were based on a same photo. How about that!  Which painting do you like better?

"Cherry Blossom Festival at Sunset" (oil, 12" x 12)
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  1. I like the top one much more but those are the colors I love. I wouldn't go with my opinion for that reason. Your work is so good!

  2. I looooove the bottom one. Beautiful golden haze sunset. Very romantic scenery. Such lovely paintings!