Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"Joy of Spring" (oil on stretched canvas; 20" x 16") sold


What a winter we are having!  The Polar Vortex!  Have you seen the pictures of the frozen Chicago Lakeshore?  Burrrr.  I pulled out a picture of peonies and watermelon to warm up my soul.  We had a fantastic spring last year.  It was mild with plenty of rain to keep the flowers going for weeks beyond their season.  The reference photo for the painting was taken on the last day of May, which is very late for where I live.

It was a hot sunny day and I and my darling peonies were wilting.  Just the thought of it made me happy as I painted "Joy of Spring".  There is nothing like sinking teeth into the slice of cool watermelon on a hot day on the patio by the side of gorgeous flowers!


  1. Such a nice painting, Kim! Love your peonies, especially. And the shadows created by the peonies and watermelon, both. The shadows really give this painting a lot of depth and beauty. Nice work!

  2. Thank you for your kind words, SamDoum!