Sunday, July 29, 2012

"Bishop's Garden at Washington National Cathedral" (oil on canvas; 12" x 16") sold


"Bishop's Garden at Washington National Cathedral," which I thought was finished, wasn't working and has been sitting in my studio.  Drawing wasn't bad, but it looked anemic, hesitant, and plain boring.  These days, my motto is more paint, more color.  So, I went to work to make it rich and alive.

There are three things going on in this rather complicated painting.  The octagonal stone gazebo, which leads to the famous Bishop's Garden; the garden in the middle ground; and the beautiful, Gothic-style National Cathedral.  Which is the focal point exactly?  I figured out that it had to be the gazebo, which I had downplayed in the original painting.  It can be glowing in the heat and show more texture of the stone and roof tiles.

How about the garden?  Why is it dissolving into the cathedral?  It should come forward.  What about the cathedral?  I know it's way in the back and should stay there, but it can have more punch.  Use thicker paint and more lively colors.

I did all of the above and am finally satisfied with the painting.  Now I can rest in peace.  Amen.

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