Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"Sheba and Shaman" (oil on linen; 6" x 8") sold


"Sheba and Shaman" is for Patricia and happens to be my first cat painting! Both are Maine Coon cats.  The black one is Sheba, who is seven years old.  Patricia and her husband bought the white one for her as her "boy toy".  When their 26-year-old cat, her constant companion, passed, she grieved so deeply that they had to find poor Sheba someone else to love.

His name is Shaman, two years younger than her.  He was supposed to be a show kitty, but was sold as a pet, because he didn't "meow." Patricia often finds them "holding paws."  Both of them play fetch, and Sheba will even take a small ball in the glass shower and play Jai Alai.

If you would love to see your beloved pet painted by me and shared on my blog and Facebook page, please email me at  Send me a picture or two, preferably taken in natural light without flash.  I will do a drawing at the end of September and give one painting away!


  1. A very lovely painting of two very attractive cats. I loved the story that goes with it, too. Some cats are just blessed with personality.