Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"Abby" (oil on linen; 7" x 7") sold


"Abby" is for Emily, who used to be my daughter's babysitter and the best babysitter in the world too!  She is now all grown up and moved away, but she has been following my blog.  She decided to order a pet portrait for her friend, Susie, for Christmas.

Sweet Abby is a 12-year-old Cockapoo.  She is spunky for her age, loves to go on walks, and enjoys being outside.  She loves making new friends, and is one of the few dogs who are not bothered in the least by other animals.  She walks by squirrels, cats, and other dogs, without even looking twice.  Abby has been a great companion for Susie, who got her as a newborn puppy!

By the way, it is not too late to order pet portraits for Christmas.  Please send your pet's pictures to kimstenbergart@gmail.com.  A separate page on my blog, "Pet Portrait Orders", will answer all the questions you may have about ordering a pet portrait.  Thanks!

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  1. You go Abby! You look like a pup! Kim made a wonderful portrait of you.