Monday, October 1, 2012

"Gen. Stonewall Jackson's Equestrian Statue" (oil on linen; 14" x 11") sold


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During my daughter's spring break, my family visited Charlottesville, VA. In the Old Town, we came across General Stonewall Jackson's equestrian statue at Jackson Park. There was no parking available, so I took a shot as quickly as possible from across the street. It was an overcast day; the lighting was somewhat flat. I still liked the eager gait of the general and his mount, so I decided to make a painting.

At the outset, I thought about making the sky as the background by getting rid of the building and trees so that the statue would stand out.  But there was a big concern for a lack of depth with such a treatment.  The building and trees went in, which was after all a good decision.  

"Gen. Stonewall Jackson's Equestrian Statue" is meant to be a companion piece for "Gen. Robert E. Lee's Equestrian Statue" and has a different feel from the earlier painting.  What I like about the new painting is the energetic brushstrokes and smidgens of pinkish underpainting showing throughout the statue.  The energy of the painting goes well with the young, heroic general, who seems to be going some place with purpose. 

"Gen. Robert E. Lee's Equestrian Statue" (oil, 14" x 11")

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