Monday, May 27, 2013

"Poppy Field" (oil on linen; 5" x 7") sold


Reference photo

Poppies at Green Spring Gardens Park in Alexandria, VA

Sometimes the subject matter is fairly easy to paint.  It is the background that causes problem.  As you can see in the reference photo, I had to be creative with the bottom part of the "poppy field," which was not exactly a field of red poppies bobbing romantically.

After several scrapes, I came up with the finished painting, which has the red-green compliment colors as the dominant color scheme.  The violets in the background were inspired by the deep violet heart of the flowers. I didn't start the painting with this color scheme in mind.  I stumbled into it!



  1. aweaome. So real. I have yet to try oils. I do watercolour and sometimes acrylic. I did buy some oils but have yet to indulge. Love your work, will follow to see more

  2. Thanks, Janice! I was a watercolorist for a long time until I got brave enough to try oils. I am hooked to oils!