Friday, March 4, 2016

"Peter and Melissa" (oil on stretched canvas; 20" x 16") gift


We have a family tradition: whenever someone gets married, he gets a double wedding portrait from the family artist, myself.  I thought when one of my husband's nephews got married last summer, I would give him a nice toaster and call it quits.  No such thing!  The expectation was so high that I couldn't dare without devastating the groom.  I included some step-by-step pictures that are not high-quality, but still give you an idea of how I approached this important project. 

Step 1: The drawing already looks like the love birds!

Step 2: Peter is my husband's nephew and namesake. My husband is known as Peter the Great in the family.

Step 3: It looks like a spring wedding, doesn't it? The lovely outdoor wedding was actually an August one. We dodged a bad weather, which came in the evening when we were partying inside. A lucky couple!

Step 4: The bride in her dress without a veil looked like a radiant Greek goddess!

Step 5: This bearded young man is one of the twins, whom I have known since he was eight. He is my favorite nephew--kind, thoughtful, smart, and quietly funny. He reminds me of his uncle, my husband.

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