Friday, March 11, 2016

"Civil War Union Lieutenant Colonel" (oil on stretched canvas; 18" x 14")

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You may remember Steve, a military history buff and reenactment actor who also models.  I have painted his head-and-shoulders portrait a few weeks ago.  I decided to paint him again in a half-length format to show his Civil-War Union lieutenant colonel uniform with his sword, buckle and all. 

Many paintings go through "I can't take this crap of a painting any more"; I hit the wall in the last week's session.  I, however, persevered and was able to finish it yesterday.  I could have developed those authentic buttons more, but was afraid of them distracting the viewer from Steve's thoughtful, weathered face with a wonderful beard.  So I suggested rather than defined them.  I rather like the portrait.  How about you?

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