Saturday, September 28, 2013

"Teddy" (oil on canvas; 5" x 7") sold


"Teddy" is for my dear friend and neighbor, Bruna.  Bruna commissioned me to paint Teddy for her friend, Gerry, as her birthday present.  It was not just a commission, but a mission on my part, because of the challenge of having to work from a stamp-sized print picture.  Instead of saying "No, I can't do it," I said "Sure, I will try".  Why?  Gerry fell recently and hurt herself badly.  She was hurrying to greet a postman who returned to work after a severe injury caused by dog bites during delivery.  She can certainly use a cheerful present.

Teddy, a Maltese/poodle mix, came to live with his grandparents after his dad passed away in a car accident.  He took a very good care of them.  Everyday he took a walk with his grandpa in a wheel chair.  The picture Bruna gave me for the painting has Gerry, her husband, and Teddy on a sidewalk during one of their walks.  Teddy passed away three months after Gerry's husband's death three years ago.

If you think there is a lot of sadness in today's post, I beg to differ.  I believe it is all about love and friendship.  Bruna is one of the most generous people I know.  She has helped countless friends in their illnesses, bereavements, and moving-aways.  For decades, she has been sending packages of the Washington Post newspapers to a friend who had moved away to Hawaii!  I painted "Teddy" out of love and friendship.  Please send prayers to Gerry for her speedy recovery!

If you send your pet's pictures to, I will make beautiful pet portraits out of them.  How fun is that!  You can buy the painting anytime, but there is no obligation. Thanks!

Today is Day Twenty Eight of Leslie Saeta's 30 in 30 Challenge.  Two more days!


  1. Very cute, Kim! Glad you are enjoying your change in professions!

  2. I tried to comment on your collage, but it keeps asking to verify that I'm not a robot without showing the words I have to enter. well, I am not!)))) I'll try here. The collage looks fresh and somewhat beaming. I wish you inspirational October, Kim! Drop in to share your reading impressions!