Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"Beamer" (oil on linen; 8" x 6") sold


"Beamer" is another painting for my Facebook fan, Tracey.  Beamer is a Beagle/Brittany Spaniel mix, named after the Virginia Tech football coach, Frank Beamer.  He is probably the most perfect dog on the planet, says Tracey: super cute, super affectionate with just the right amount of craziness with so much personality.

Normally, I would smile politely at such a statement.  But, with Beamer, I am going to take Tracey at her word.  Look at him in his signature pose of crossing his paws when lying down.  Have you ever seen a dog doing that?

If you send your pet's pictures to, I will make beautiful pet portraits out of them.  How fun is that!  At the end of September, I will do a drawing and one lucky person wins a free painting.  You can buy the painting anytime, but there is no obligation. Thanks!

Today is Day Twenty Five of Leslie Saeta's 30 in 30 Challenge.  Five more days!  I am really seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!


  1. love the position of the paws! How sweet is he.
    you continue to make me smile with these lovely paintings.

  2. Well Kim you did it again! Love this too!! Thank you so much!!!!