Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"Hydrangea and Picket Fence" (oil on linen; 6" x 8") sold


Reference photo

I love hydrangea.  The Chinese characters for this multi-colored flower mean "water chrysanthemum."  Isn't it interesting?  I guess the name has something to do with its cool palette, which ranges from blue, mauve, violet to yellow green.  Yesterday, I went over to Green Spring Gardens Park in Alexandria, VA to take pictures of hydrangea bushes.  I have a couple of them blooming now in my garden; one is so enormous that it should be classified as a tree!  But neither is near a charming picket fence.

Ideally, I should have painted them on location, as I have done last year, when I painted "White Picket Fence".  But I knew better.  The picket fence surrounds the gazebo at the park, which attracts a lot of small children for play.  A few minutes of solitude in the hydrangea heaven was soon distrupted by the invasion of three kids with their moms.  I myself used to take my daughter there for fresh air and exercise when she was a preschooler.  So it was time to pack up.  I painted "Hydrangea and Picket Fence" in my studio, wishing I could see the colors in the shadow better.  Oh, well.

"White Picket Fence" (oil, 11" x 14")


  1. Hi Kim, I just discovered your blog through daily paintworks, which I belong to, too. Your painting of hydrangeas caught my eye and I had to have a look at your blog. I have signed on as a follower. Maybe you would like to have a look at my blog as well.(http://egrettawells.blogspot.com/
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  2. Thanks! I will do that. A good way to make new friends!