Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Green Spring Gazebo" (oil on linen; 11" x 14") sold


Gazebo at Green Spring Gardens Park

For the first time since last December, I went outside to paint yesterday.  It was not a paint-out, just a "let's go painting together if the weather turns out good" kind of thing; there were three of us--a friend of mine, myself, and a gentleman who happened to come to paint.  It has been cool lately, or a normal mid-spring weather, to which we were no longer used.  The temperature reached 60 degrees, sunny and pleasant to be outside. 

At Green Spring Gardens Park in Alexandria, VA, our location, were school children on field trips, families with young children picnicking, old couples taking walks, and amateur photographers taking pictures of flowers.  We had plenty of visitors and admirers.  What can I say?  Plein-air painters should be paid for our service of making a place more picturesque!

My subject matter was the popular gazebo at the garden park.  I have painted it several times in the past; I might be obsessed about it actually.  The drawing is not easy, although I have gotten better at it thanks to practice.  The hardest part of painting the gazebo from the viewpoint I have chosen was making the architectural, hard structure not stick out against the dark evergreens in the background.  It was not a thick woods, just a screen of tall trees in the shade.  I wanted to capture the feeling of airiness and the gazebo melting into the happy, sunny, spring landscape.  Do you think I succeeded?

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