Monday, April 30, 2012

"Gen. Robert E. Lee's Equestrian Statue" (oil on linen; 14" x 11") sold


Reference photo

If you read my blog regularly, you may recall that during my daughter's spring break, my family visited Charlottesville, VA. In the Old Town, we came across this equestrian statue of General Robert E. Lee at Lee Park. It had been a cloudy day, but luckily the sun came out just in time to cast gentle shadows on the handsome monument.

I had first considered a different view for the painting as you can see below.  This picture shows more of the park, which was fragrant with irises, viburnum, lilac, and other spring flowers.  The park square was so enchanting that I didn't want to leave the place!

Lee Park in Charlottesville, VA in springtime

I am not a Civil War buff.  As the Civil War was, to say the least, a defining moment in American history, I would have loved to be able to intelligently speak about it with some accuracy.  All I know about Robert E. Lee is that he was an honorable man and the commander in chief of the Confederacy.  I can't say I sympathize with his cause.  If I say that I wish he had fought on the Union side, I am sure it would be a heresy to some.  As I was painting the monument, Lee's body gesture came across to me as if he was saying  that "I wish this burden had not come to me."  Altogether, it was a poignant experience to paint "Gen. Robert E. Lee's Equestrian Statue."

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