Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Pink Tutu Peonies" (oil on linen; 8" x 10") sold


Speaking of peonies, I have another painting of my favorite flowers.  While going through an old shoebox full of photographs (do you remember those days before the digital photography?), I found a picture of pink peonies, which became the inspiration for the aptly-titled (!) "Pink Tutu Peonies."  These fluffy, flirty, and fragrant peonies are from my garden; they always remind me of pink tutus my daughter wore in her ballet recitals as a little girl.

The previous owners of my house were enthusiastic gardeners and had done a terrific job with landscaping the property. Unfortunately, they didn't always pay attention to how much light different plants require for the optimum growth. So we have lilac bushes, a plum tree, and others languishing in shady corners. There isn't much we could do about them, but with small plants like peonies and azaleas, we could transplant them to sunny spots. The pink peony, mostly dead ten years ago, now thrives and brings us much joy every spring.

But where I live, when spring comes, it comes fast and furious. One day, it's a balmy spring; the next day, it's a sultry summer. The only way to extend the enjoyment of these lovely peonies is to paint from them fast before they fade. Sometimes, I don't have the time and, as a backup for rainy days, I take some pictures. Not the same thing, I know. It is still better than nothing with these seasonal flowers.

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