Thursday, December 1, 2016

"Merlin and Blarney" (oil on linen canvas; 12" x 12") sold


The double portrait is for Tania and based on a 17-year-old photo of a poor quality. I couldn't really see the black cat's features, so had to make up! Merlin (black) and Blarney (tuxedo) were brothers and were considered domestic long hair. The vet thought that they may have some Maine Coon in them, as they were big, playful and vocal cats. Blarney especially almost seemed dog-like with his affectionate personality, sleeping and drooling on your pillow, or joining you in the bath or the shower. Merlin was a little more reserved, but still affectionate. They were good brothers and used to sleep together and groom one another.

They were born under a friend's front porch on a farm, and Tania adopted both brothers. They were playful and funny. Merlin was a better hunter and would catch birds like robins, but brought them home still alive. Blarney was a little lazier, but wanted to hunt like his brother. His hunting, however, seemed focused on butterflies. He was so proud of his catch!

Tania still has Merlin, though he is 19 and recently had surgery to amputate most of his tail. She lost Blarney 10 years ago. I hope the double portrait brings back happy memories to Tania and her family.

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