Friday, March 6, 2015

"Baby Ava" (oil on linen; 14" x 11") sold


"Baby Ava" is for Michelle.  Ava was 5-months old when she was christened in her beautiful dress.  Her pink bunny has been with her for the last five years and Michelle wanted it to be part of her first portrait.  I've included step-by-step photos that I shared with my Facebook fans.  If you are not already one, please like my Facebook page!

Step-by-step photo I: I started the opaque layers first with the blue. background.

Step-by-step photo II: The bunny and dress are the next to be blocked in.

Step-by-step photo III: Time to tackle the face, hands, and feet.

Step-by-step photo IV: After the third session.

Step-by-step photo V: After Michelle's feedback, I worked on the areas she pointed out. More back and forth, additional adjustments were made for the final portrait.

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