Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"Lily and Winston" (oil on linen; 8" x 10") sold


"Lily and Winston" is for Katherine, who commissioned the painting for her husband.  Lily on the right is a 7 1/2-year-old greater Swiss mountain dog.  She is afraid of fart noises (!) and hence is scared of Katherine's 6-month-old child.  But she is such a gentle soul, sweet with children and other dogs.  She loves attention so much that she once let Katherine's dentist husband pull out a loose tooth without anesthesia!

Winston is a 7-year-old pug, who is afraid of nothing.  He snorts and snores and walks around with so much attitude!  He loves to eat mail, but hates rain (he will poop in the house rather than go outside in the rain!).  He is totally devoted to Lily and follows her around; he got depressed when she was sick once.  Winston likes to curl up with Lily to sleep.

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  1. Are you still with us. Is your arm still attached to your body. Do we need to send in reinforcements?