Monday, July 29, 2013

"Summer Reading" (mixed media on paper; 10" x 14") sold


Summer is the time to take a vacation, sunbathe on the beach, and catch up on reading. Not for me, unfortunately.  This is the second year without a summer vacation, thanks to my daughter's busy camp schedule.  I am in a way taking a break from my everyday painting routine by photoshopping many images of my artwork, updating my website and blog, and mulling about how to keep growing as an artist.

During my "break" last week, I found the above image among my portfolio.  It's an old painting that I did after a family vacation to Maui many years ago. A couple in swimsuits lean back comfortably in beach chairs, probably reading something light.  The sunlight coming down in rays of warm-toned dots envelope the figures.

What kinds of mixed media did I use?  The toned ground and figures were painted in watercolor; the dots were created with Prismacolor colored pencil.  Without the pointillist effect of dots, the painting would have been unremarkable.  With the dots, it pulsates with brilliant sunlight, which brings on the associated feelings of warmth, idleness, relaxation, and happiness.

A successful painting makes the viewer linger and feel something profound.  It may be longing, nostalgia, joy, passion, sorrow, inspiration, etc.  I endeavor to create that kind of art--emotional, powerful, and unforgettable.


  1. Did you actually make individual dots with the pencils or did you make them by making watercolor pencil dust with sand paper? Either way, I like the effect a lot. You can feel the warmth of the sun on the people.

  2. The dots were made individually with the waxy Prismascolor colored pencils. It is a time-consuming process. Thanks, Joyfularits!