Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Pink Rose Glow" (oil on canvas; 8" x 8") sold


I painted "Rosy Glow" (oil, 8 x 8") from a photo last night.  What do you think?  I had painted the same flower last summer at a rose garden.  It was a very hot day, but I sweated like a pig for a different reason.  Who knew painting a single rose would be that hard?  Let's face it.  It is sometimes easier to paint from a photograph.  The flower didn't move by the breeze.  The sun didn't rise higher as time went by, changing all the shadow shapes.  And no pestering enthusiast wanted to take a picture of me painting!

Do you know what the biggest problem in painting the rose on location was?  I saw too many colors!  Let's see. Many shades of pink--warm (warmed by the sun) and cool (cooled by the blue sky) to start.  Then there was reflected light in the shadows.  Oh my god!  I had to simplify, simplify, and simplify.  Still the plein-air painting didn't work.  I threw it out.

In my studio version, I did simplify the colors in the photo, which unfortunately I couldn't find to show you (I must have deleted it in disgust).  There are just enough subtle changes in the color temperature to make each petal turn.  A rose, or any flower, should look fresh, not bruised with over handling.  I hope you agree with my sentiment that I pulled it off this time.

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