Friday, January 29, 2016

"Painterly Selfie" (oil on stretched canvas; 12" x 9") nfs


Last October, shortly before my fall that broke my nose and right cheekbone, I took a selfie with my phone.  Selfies are all the rage these days, but I had a particular purpose for this rather self-absorbed activity.  Danni Dawson, my portrait painting teacher, had given her class a self-portrait assignment.  I started the painting right away, but it was never finished because of the never-ending doctors' appointments and, more importantly, the fatigue.

As soon as I felt better early this year, I began to complete the unfinished paintings from the last year.  This self-portrait is the last one of the project.  It looks slightly different from the reference photo.  It is, however, definitely me, one of many expressions I wear, a more thoughtful and sagacious one at that.  It is poignant, as the left side without a blemish in the portrait is the damaged side, now with a scar.  I miss this face and the state of mind without the concern for my heart.  We can't ever go back, can we?

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